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Omnicasa is an application for the Real Estate market.

Integration with ALLOcloud is done on the server-side through our APIs.

This integration allows 2 things:

  • ability to call someone directly from Omnicasa (click-to-call)
  • opening of a notification when a call comes in allowing to open the customer sheet


1. Information gathering

The ALLOcloud Partner needs to gather the following information before he/she can proceed with the Ominicasa configuration and the ALLOcloud callflows:

  • The ALLOcloud user name (In our example it is
  • The ALLOcloud user password (In our example it is hidden)
  • The ALLOcloud realm (in our example it is
  • The name of the Event configured in ALLOcloud (in our example it is reception)
  • Determine which devices you want to use for incoming and outgoing calls (in our example 3500)


The user name can be found on the user page of the ALLOcloud portal. The user password can be asked to the user or it can be setup in the Password Management Tab. 


The realm can be found on the VOIP services page


The name of the Event can be setup in the callflow, by choosing a WS Event box. 


2. Omnicasa Configuration

Go to the options an configuration menu of Omnicasa. Select the phone configuration. 

1) Set the ALLOcloud version you are using
2) Enter the user name
3) Enter the ALLOcloud password of the user
4) Enter the realm of your ALLOcloud account 
5) Enter the name of the Event you configured in your WS Event box on Allocloud
6) Choose the device you want to use for incoming and outgoing calls


3.ALLOcloud call flows configuration

In the below example, we want Omnicasa to notify the members of the Reception group when the main number is called. Other scenarios can also be build using the same logic.
In order to generate the opening of a notification in Omnicasa, a WS Event box needs to be added in the call flow. In the below example, a  WS Event is added in the Reception call flow.

The WS Event is always the last block in a callflow. Once you have decided the name of the event, you also must configure a "Next Call". A place were the call can go once the notification has been triggered. (In our example 9000 Reception)