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Skype for Biz Add-on

Skype for Business add-on

Skype for Business add-on is a SIP softphone that elegantly installs on top of the Skype for Business (previously Lync) client on a Windows PC.

It allows to place and receive calls from your Skype for Business client through the ALLOcloud service.

This add-on allows to do telephony with basic Office 365 licenses and without the cost and burden of Microsoft Enterprise Telephony.


1. Cloud configuration:

Create a device (softphone) for the add-on and assign it to the associated user:

Copy the Realm, Username and Password in a .txt document as you will need them later to configure the add-on on the PC. Hint: click on the password to display it.

Make sure you have a callflow that points to your user.

2. Skype for Business installation:

Download the add-on at the bottom of this page.

Install it as per the instructions.

Open the Settings window.


Enter the SIP credentials of the softphone you previously created on our platform.


The device should now appear as green on the ALLOcloud portal.


Incoming calls: when a call comes in, your Skype for Business client will ring.

Outgoing calls: you are now able to make calls from your Skype for Business client, by clicking on a contact in Outlook, by clicking on a contact in SharePoint...


File SkypeForBusiness_AddOn_3.2.30.1.exe15.03 MB