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Contact Sync

1. Introduction

This chapter describes how to setup an integration between your cloud application (e.g. Exact Online, Salesforce, Teamleader…) and ALLOcloud. The integration will sync all contacts from your CRM or other cloud application to a phonebook in ALLOcloud.

New and updated contacts will be synced every 5 minutes.

Please pay attention that the Contact Sync is an extra paid option!


2. Add a Contact Sync


In ALLOcloud, go to Config > Advanced > Account details > Tab "Integrations".


Click on the button "Add" under Contact Connector, this will open the Contact Connector integration Hub:

Click on the button “Add new integration”:


Click on the integration you would like to use, in the following screenshot we selected Teamleader as example:

Click on “Use integration”:


Click on “Connect application” to link the application and allow access:


Click on the button “Link data source”. Example for Teamleader:

In the popup window, sign in to Teamleader and on the next screen, authorize access for “”, which is the underlying integration technology used by the Contact Connector:

Close the popup window with the “OK” button and click the “Next” button in the bottom right corner.

Note: the above example is for Teamleader, the process is similar for many other CRM applications. In some cases, the way how you link a cloud application can be different, e.g. you may have to enter the URL of your application first, or you may have to enter an API key or something similar.

The integration will now be configured, wait until the spinner is done:


The integration is now active:


Wait a few minutes to see new contacts coming in to your phonebook.

Teamleader will also show up inside ALLOcloud in the list of active integrations: