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SIP Trunking

You can use a SIP trunk to connect an external PBX to the outside world through the Allocloud platform. 


Router/Firewall configuration

  • Ask the person who manages your router/firewall to allow outgoing traffic to the IP range. You'll find the list of IPs in your admin portal, in "Config" > "Advanced" > "Account details" > "Infrastructure" tab.
  • If the router/firewall supports QoS (Quality of Service), assign a higher priority to the trafic exchanged with our IP range
  • Some routers also include a feature called SIP ALG ( Our experience shows that SIP ALG is often poorly implemented on low-cost routers and that it is better to disable SIP ALG
  • Make sure that the default NAT session timeout is > 30 seconds  


Number Format

The number format for DID and CallerID must be in E164 (+32...)


How to Create a SIP Trunk

  1. Go to the Trunk tab in the menu


  2. Clik on Add Trunk


  3.  Select the type 'PBX Connector'


  4. Fill in a name for the SIP Trunk and save (in the example here Other_PBX)


  5. Copy the credentials in the PBX (hostname, port, transport, username, password)
  6. For incoming calls, create a callflow with the DID and a "trunk" bloc that points the right trunk

    In the end your callflow should look like this :