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Whise Whoman

Whoman is an application for the Real Estate market published by Whise (

Integration with ALLOcloud is done on the server-side through our APIs.

This integration allows 2 things:

  • ability to call someone directly from Whoman (click-to-call)
  • opening of a notification when a call comes in

1. Request to Whise

Before the installation, the Whise customer sends an email to and asks for the activation of the preference “WHISE- Activeer de connectie met de telefoon/Activer la connexion avec le téléphone” to integrate Whoman with ALLOcloud.

The Whise helpdesk sends a mail to the customer to confirm that the telephony is activated. The customer informs her/his ALLOcloud Partner.


2. Information gathering

The ALLOcloud Partner needs to gather the following information before she/he can proceed with the Whise configuration and the ALLOcloud callflows:

  • name of the ALLOcloud Account
  • for each user who needs Whise-ALLOcloud integration:
    • UserID
    • UserName (the name of the user her/himself, not the SIP Username of a device)
    • Password (the password of the user, not the SIP password of a device)

The account name can be found at the top-right corner of the ALLOcloud portal.

In order to retrieve the UserIDs (and by the same way, the usernames), you need to use the Developer button which give you access to the ALLOcloud API. If this button is not visible in your interface, please contact the ALLOcloud support.

Pressing Try It will list all users in the account and give you their UserID (a 32 digit sequence) and their user names.

There is no way to retrieve the password as it is only known by the user him/herself. The easiest is to assign a new password to each user. Please use strong passwords! We recommend using

Below is an example of the information you need to properly configure Whoman.


Please note

The outgoing call ID is linked to the account call ID number. The outgoing CID will be the same for all calls done through WISE

The maximum number of users that can be notified in one callflow is 7. If you need more, you will have to had another WS query callflow after the first one.


3. Whoman configuration

The Whise customer logs into WHOMAN with an administrator account and fills in the UserName, the Password and the AccountName.


4.ALLOcloud call flows configuration

In the below example, we want Whoman to notify two users (Sylvie and Jacques) when the main number is called. Other scenarios can also be build using the same logic.
In order to generate the opening of a notification in Whise for selected users, a Web Service (WS) Query box needs to be added in the call flow. In the below example, a WS Query is added in the general number call flow.

The string to be configured in the WS Query is:,UserID2,UserID3 where the UserID1,2,3 etc. are the UserIDs of the persons who will get notified in Whoman when a call comes in.
If we want that both Jacques and Sylvie get notified in Whoman when a call comes in, the WS Query should look like:,yyyy725f2e8aed59a143a4e2e8d0yyyy

A WS Query is always the last box in a call flow (you cannot add other boxes below a WS Query box). Whoman doesn’t return any value on what to do next. Therefore, you need to add in the WS Query what call flow should come next (Default Callflow).
We have consequently created a second call flow called 1_Sylvie+Jacques

This call flow begins with an extension (any unused extension is OK) and leads to a ring group where Sylvie and Jacques are present.

Be sure the Default Call Flow value in the WS Query points to the right call flow (in our example: 1_Sylvie+Jacques)